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Each client receives an exceptional level of personalised service; Silke Marshall Marketing Solutions (SMMS) team maintains firsthand product knowledge through regular visits to each property/ product; SMMS team develops customised marketing plans in line with each client’s requirements and developments.


How to attract business in today’s economic climate is a challenge to all businesses. SMMS overcomes this challenge by calling on its vast client contacts network to maintain the high profile and visibility of the product/ brand. Information flow is not only maintained, but also advanced, through an ever growing network cultivated by Silke Marshall herself..


SMMS offers an alternate consultation plan to the ‘Industry- standard’ representation methods. This unique plan is only possible as a result of Silke’s more than 25 years experience in the industry.


Through this networking and constant communication, not only in the Tourism Industry but in the PR, event and high profile celebrity field, SMMS keeps their clients' brands/products firmly on the map and well positioned in the minds of consumers and buyers.


Frequent write-ups in journalistic magazines, as well as highly featured productions and celebrity visits, maintains the spotlight on SMMS clients offerings despite the worlds current economic difficulties.


Product information flow is coupled with representation at many high profile shows nationally and internationally.


Integrity, professionalism and creativity is what makes SMMS grow each product in their portfolio to new and higher unique dimensions.